Thursday, February 23, 2006

Java Games Dating Valentine 2006

Valentine’s Day is getting close but so far you have nothing planned; it’s time to change that! This year you are determined to make the necessary effort and sacrifices to have a fantastic evening!

Enter a virtual world full of different activities and do your best to seduce someone before Valentine’s Day! In order to do this, each part of the town will help you improve different aspects of your character, provide you advice and let you manage a real quest for the seduction that will perhaps lead you to meet the real love of your life! Buy presents, set up dates and do your best to be irresistible!

In Dating Valentine, a dozen characters wait for you and will chat with you. It’s up to you to find out what will lead to let you pick them up.

- A coloured virtual world that transports you through 8 different places within which you have to move around.
- 12 characters, men and women, each with their own features (tastes, appearance, attitudes…) ready to be seduced by your skills.
- 6 characteristics that you have to develop so as to improve your appearance and your seduction technique.
- 18 activities spread around the town: read a magazine at the library, watch a film at the cinema or even simply eat a pizza… everything is there. But don’t forget to rest once darkness falls or you won’t last the pace!
- Dozens of conversations with the characters: if they accept you as one of their friends, they may tell you secrets so that you get the chance that they like you even more!